Marijuana Agent & ISO Partnership Program

Our complete payment solutions allow our rewarding partner program to assist you in growing faster.

GreenLeaf Pay is one of the only cannabis payment processing companies in the U.S. Thanks to our innovative technology, concrete ethics and calculated partnerships, we have been growing incredibly fast since we first opened. This gives us the competitive edge over other “legitimate” marijuana merchant service providers to offer the lowest rates and allows our sales force to prosper with consistent sales, the best customer retention rates and a path to limitless success.

Offer your dispensary and cannabis merchants a fast, reliable and most importantly, completely legal payment solution. GreenLeaf Pay offers:

  • The Fastest ApprovalsDon’t miss out on a deal because of slow approval times. Our fast merchant account approvals can make all the difference.
  • The Best Customer ServiceAs a partner of GreenLeaf Pay, you and your merchants get top notch service from a knowledgeable and trusted support team.
  • The Most Accurate ResidualsAlthough it seems like a simple idea, it’s critically important. You get paid for the work you do and your residuals, on time.
  • The Daily Online ReportingBoth our ISOs and merchants get instant access, up-to-date, urgent business data daily from anywhere, anytime.
  • High Risk Industry ExpertsWe also offer multiple processor options for high risk accounts. Open your portfolio to merchants in all industry types

Join Our Agent & ISO Partnership Program

Partner with us and accomplish better sales, amazing customer retention, and career success together.